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TimeOut Chicago

TimeOut Chicago

Time Out Chicago
October 2007

By Jake Malooley

Three’s company - Sweet Collective

Cathay Rayhill (center) knows firsthand how lonely it can be as a self-employed pastry chef. After going it alone with her small business, the Sugar Syndicate, she decided to join forces with her pastry-chef friends Alison Bower (left) and Lauren Pett (right); the trio will open Sweet Collective Thursday 4. Each partner focuses on her specialty: Bower churns out a rotating array of ice cream and sorbet (including mojito, chocolate-orange tea and blueberry-Chardonnay); Pett makes truffles, bonbons and toffees; and Rayhill crafts custom cakes. The best part of working as a team, Rayhill says, is the honest feedback. “It’s hard to be objective about your own work, so it’s great to have two trained palates on hand to bounce off ideas,” she says. “When I ask, ‘Does this taste good?’ and they look pleased, I can rest assured it really is good.” 5333 N Lincoln Ave at Summerdale Ave (773-293-0888).

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