Sweet Collective Chicago - Wedding Cakes, Wedding Favors, Chocolate Truffles, Ice Cream and Sorbet.
Sweet Collective Chicago

Metromix Chicago

Metromix Chicago

Metromix – Chicago

5 stars

This Lincoln Square spot is actually three businesses under one roof: The Sugar Syndicate Specialty Cakes and Pastries, Ruth and Phil's Gourmet Ice Cream and Rich Chocolates & Candies. Cathay Rayhill whips up special occasion cakes and “everyday” cakes like red velvet with cream cheese filling; Alison Bower creates frozen treats like almond-caramel swirl ice cream and green apple-red pepper-cucumber sorbet; Lauren Pett preps luxe bonbons, truffles and molded chocolates. Other custom merch includes wedding favors and corporate gifts. Dessert tables and sundae bars are available for parties and weddings.

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Rich Chocolates & CandiesThe Sugar Sydicate Cakes & PastryRuth & Phils Ice Cream & Sorbets

Sweet Collective
5333 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago IL 60625
Tel. 773.293.0888